Yuma, Arizona
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This company really screwed up. I was supposed to receive a delivery on Christmas Eve which was a gift for my son.

I knew I probably would not be around so I notified you on FB and arranged to pick it up at the store near me. I showed up there at 1pm and the clerk tells me it is not there but at another location on the other side of town. Since the traffic was bad and I was quite sick I asked the clerk to call and have someone drive it over to this location. He said he did not have their phone number and he would call a toll free number and handed the phone to me.

After about 30 minutes and talking to 3 different clerks I finally got the right location. I explained it and was told not to worry that they would have it to my home within the hour. I waited over 2 hours and it never showed up. In fact, it never showed up at all that day.

They tell me there is nothing that they can do and would deliver it on the 26th. So now my son has no Christmas gift. He came on the 26th and we waited all day and again no delivery. I call and am told it would definitely be the next day as it would be pulled from the trailer immediately.

Same thing the next day. My son comes over and waits hours for his gift and no delivery again. Same scenario, I call and am told it will definitely be here on Fri. I tell them to deliver it before noon as that is when I will be here.

Friday 1pm still no delivery. I again call and ask them to please get it to me NOW. They have nobody there who can bring it to me. IT IS STILL SITTING AT THE WRONG FACILITY.

Nobody bothered to pull it from the trailer. They say it will be delivered next year after the New Years holiday. I tell them that will no work and they need to figure something out. I am told my choices are to wait again or to come there and get it.

I am to sick to drive so they tell me to take a cab and they will pay for it. So that is what I did. Then when I tried to collect my cab fair they refused.

I have notified all companies that I deal with to never send me anything using UPS again. Wasted my time and also my sons time waiting for his gift.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Next Day Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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