I have long been awaiting a package from the UK. It had been over 3 weeks since they had shipped it and said it would take 9 days.

Finally I found a notice on the door that I missed the delivery and they would be back tomorrow from 10am until 5pm. So my family timed out our day so that there would always be two people at home. My mother goes out to run errands at 4pm. When she returns an hour later (I sat on the couch by the door the whole time waiting to no avail) she found another slip on the door saying that they had been by at 2pm.

This is the 3rd time this has happened.

I've even seen the guy write his slip in the truck and stick it on my door without knocking or even taking my box out of the truck. Then when we called their office and explained our situation and that we were not pleased, the woman on the phone told my mother that, "You know, you do have to go to the door to receive a package." Then they told us they were out of our area for the day and we'd have to wait until tomorrow.

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