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This complaint has to do with a delivery that was promised yesterday October 11th, but the background stems from a plethora of failed delivery attempts by UPS. I'm only angry because its only UPS that has this issue. Purolater can find my house without a problem, FedEx can call me when something comes up.... but not UPS.

I had an important delivery that was slated to arrive yesterday "By the end of the day" I checked the tracking to see if there were any updates. Of course in typical UPS fashion the last update was when the tracking log started. They have this annoying habit of showing ZERO tracking information other than "Its in our hands" followed by "Its in your hands"

Anyway... knowing the UPS history is I called them in the morning around 10am and said. "Here is my cell phone number and here is the buzzer number." In the past they've come and not even bothered to buzz because they couldn't find my name. I share an apartment so my name is listed after another person. That seems to throw them off.

The two people I spoke to were efficient and quite nice. They told me they would forward the information to the driver and get back to me when it was done. 20 minutes later I got a call and everything was set. By 5pm no delivery. By 7pm no delivery. The online tracking was unchanged. 10pm I get a call saying they will have to reschedule for later in the week. Why?

The driver couldn't find my address. I asked how is this possible and apparently they driver was inputting my apartment number as opposed to the building number into his/her GPS. Am I surprised? No. This is just another missed UPS deadline. Am I pissed? Yes

From now on I won't bother UPS with my business and if someone is shipping to me I will have them leave it at a nearby location and I'll pick it up myself. I don't want their staff to drive around town needlessly.

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Newbury Park, California, United States #764337

One more customer taking their business elsewhere... you listening UPS? Do you care, yet...?

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