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Received email from shipper, clicked on tracking, saw "incorrect address, driver held". Address was CORRECT, so I called UPS, was told I cannot automatically have all packages held, but to join "My Choice", and THEN they would hold them, I joined, holding packages was NOT an option.

I emailed UPS, got call this AM, rude woman told me, "your package is here", address wrong", I told her, NO the address is NOT wrong and I want all of my packages held for pickup. She said she would "flag" (whatever that means) my address to hold all packages.

Now, WHY couldn't the person I spoke to yesterday have done that AND why can't the driver find my address? I'm not hidden away, I'm just outside of New Orleans!

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I would think my choice would be easy for you drivers.. I dont know who you are son of Dave,but saying that the package would get damaged is going alittle far dont you think....


Yes but we shower often. And we all hate mychoice, so if you don't want your package mysteriously somehow damaged, don't use it.

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