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So, my package just arrived today, and obviously, I opened it, and to my surprise, the receipt was in fact not for me, but for someone named Daniel Krumenaker in Michigan. Fortunately, the items that I did order were there.

However, this mistake has brought to my attention that UPS is an unreliable company that messes up a lot of shipments. In addition to a wrong receipt, UPS actually opened my box and so "inconspicuously" (that was sarcasm) and hastily duct taped it.

And really?

I really have to write a minimum of 100 words? -even more pissed now-

All in all, UPS is really bad company, I don't understand why some online stores use it to ship their products.

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Boulder, Colorado, United States #588437

UPS handles 11 million packages a day. There is no need nor time to open packages, as you have suggested.

Secondly, UPS employees that handle these packages do not have access to computers that allow for a receipt to be created. Nor would they have time to.

Finally, UPS does not use duct tape in any part of the operation.

Seems like the company you ordered from might have sealed your shipment incorrectly, opened it and.resealed it before sending it out to you.

Dallas, Texas, United States #587032

UPS doesn't use duct tape.

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