To be frank, I'm 100% with UPS in Albuquerque. Not a single package of 4 deliveries has ever reached my address.

Three attempted deliveries were to the wrong address. In fact, one was listed as delivered..then recanted as undeliverable. I had to pick it up at the UPS office myself. This week, I paid for an overnight delivery and (not a surprise) while I sat in my home, with the front door opened, and the screen door closed, my package was delivered to my "porch".

It was delivered to A PORCH, it just wasn't mine. To be fair, my address was a 244 NE address, so I quickly went to 244 SE.... which doesn't exist. *** bastards couldn't even rob me with any finesse.

I think the Albuquerque UPS management has a very special IQ/personality test that weeds out people who even understand or otherwise even CARE about customer satisfaction.

Sure, they get it right sometimes, but I feel there's a special desire by management to have really *** drivers.

I urge citizens to consider who ships their packages,. UPS is absolutely incompetent, so it's important to avoid them, or better yet, to boycott them until they get rid of their horrible management culture.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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