On wednesday Aug. 5th, 2010, I saw a UPS truck pull up to my condo so I buzzed the driver into our common hallway. The driver said he had a package

to be delivered to a man who did not live in any of our condo units. I told the driver that there was no one here by that name and went back into my house. A few minutes later I left to run an errand and was shocked to discover that the driver just left the package on the stairs even though he was told there wasn't anyone who lived here by that name.

Folks, UPS is the most expensive shipper in the United States and you're throwing your money away shipping with them because the good old

U.S. Post Office ships much more reliably, with less damage to packages that UPS. they don't call the United Package Smashers for no reason.

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UPS SUCKS!!! big time they don't care about your stuff, use the USPS like she said is more reliable than sorry *** UPS!!


I agree w/the nosey neighbor comments but the drivers aren't supposed to leave any packages where there is a shared entranceway. Call 1-800-pickups and have the agent process a complaint (if it is your package-apparently this one isn't) and it will be addressed with the driver.


Maybe the package was for a family member that was living in the condo that you didnt know about. You look like a complete ***. Nosey *** fool mind your business.


you just know everyone and everything about your neighbors don't you? lol ***

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #172627

Do you really know everyone that lives in your condo units. Seriously it was for one of your neighbors, it had his address on it. Mind your own business.

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