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Shipped a package for $25, 10 days for delivery when USPS would charge me $15 and deliver it in 2 days.

Lucky I realized the address was wrong before they made the delivery. Called them and they said they can't stop the delivery or change the address until the last day !?! On top of that I need to call them again the day of the delivery to try to change it before they make the delivery.

The package has not even left the city yet and they can't stop it or change the delivery address.

Horrible service. Last time I deal with this company. Package worth $200.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #759140

The package was likely sitting in a hub with an address label already on it, an address you told them to deliver it to. So you expect UPS to go hunting through thousands of boxes to find your package in the hub and have them change a label when it was your error? It has to be in someone's actual hands to change the label/address and it won't be in someone's hands until it goes to the driver which will be the last day.

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