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I am making my best effort to spread the word online and to my friends and family that UPS employees deliberately lie to customers and even enter lies into their computer system to cover themselves! I will try to make this as brief as possible...

Wed 4/7/10: notified me that UPS would be contacting me soon to let me know when they would be picking up a large package from my home. It was a 5' x 1' mirror in a large cardboard box weighing 40 pounds- hard to miss. Easy enough.

Thurs 4/8/10: 8:30 am, I am at work when I receive a message on my phone from UPS's automated system that they would be by home that day between 8am and 7pm. I rushed home to put the package outside, after confirming with someone at UPS in person that they would be picking it up that day.

5:30pm: I arrive home and see that it had not been picked up. The website indicated that at 430pm, the driver stated the package was not outside (again, impossible to miss this package!) and would be back the next day. I called UPS and informed them that the package had been outside; I was told to leave a note on the box for the driver the next day. I felt that this was ridiculous, as there were no other boxes on the porch, but did it anyway. I was assured they would be by the next day after many "I apologize...Can I confirm your address, phone #, and tracking #?" I drag the box inside for the night.

Friday 4/9/10: I drag the box outside before work; I come home at 5pm, box is still there. I wait til 7pm and call UPS. I am assured again (after apologies and more confirmations of my info as stated above) that the driver would be at my home, even if it was after 7pm. I leave for dinner and come back at 9pm; it is still on my porch. I call UPS again (more apologies and confirmations) and was told the driver went to the wrong address on my street!! Then why bother confirming my address with them multiple times? I was promised that the manager at the local shipping center would call me at 10 am on Monday morning and that it would be picked up on Monday. I drag the box inside until Monday.

Monday 4/12/10: Rainstorm and hail today; I drag the box outside before work; no call at 10am. The website says the pick up is scheduled for today. I call at 12. The man on the phone tells me the system says "Michelle" called me and left a message on my cell phone (confirmed my info yet again) that morning- a LIE- I didn't have any missed calls, nor did I have a message. He assured me it would be picked up that day. At 5pm, box is still at home. Box is now soaked from being on the porch in a heavy rainstorm. At 6pm, I see a UPS van drive by my home twice but it doesn't stop. I call again, more apologies, more confirmations of info, etc. The infamous "new driver" excuse was given to me. I was told that my pick up would be sent over as, "expedited" since it had now been missed twice. Woman said she would track it the next day and contact me about it. An hour later, I got a call from a man at the local UPS warehouse who told me that the shipment order had been on the manager's desk that day and never got to the driver (so why had the previous person told me it was on its way to me?) but assured it me it would be done the next day. I asked him how I was supposed to believe him and he said that was up to me to decide but that is the info he was giving me. I hung on him out of sheer frustration. I again had to bring the box inside, soaking wet.

4/13/10: Box is taken outside before work. The website shows that there is a scheduled pick up. I get a call from the woman I spoke to the day before on my way home from work after 5pm; she says that the computer shows that the man I spoke to the night before told me that the ticket had been lost and that he had told me to contact Target again to resubmit the request-huh? ANOTHER LIE! And why was this woman just contacting me about this at the end of the day? After going off on her, I hung up, as I have had it with these liars. I call Target and tell them what had been told to me...They resubmit the request for a pick up to UPS. This phone call took another 15 minutes of my life after explaining the situation, repeating my tracking # and my contact info with them.. At 7pm, out of nowhere, a UPS van pulls up to my home and picks up the package! I now have my receipt of the pick up and will be monitoring it to see how much trouble and how many phone calls it will take to see that it gets back to Target!

Bottom line; don't believe anything UPS tells you on the phone, don't believe anything the website says, don't believe anything UPS employees enter into their notes regarding your inquiries or phone calls supposedly made to contact you, as I know for a fact that TWO employees lied in my case, and take down everyone's name that you speak to so that you can report their lies later! I looked for a place to submit a complaint on UPS's website- FUNNY that there isn't any information on their website for that!

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if target issued a call tag ups would make an attempt with it. so instead of straining yourself dragging out the box you can wait til they make the 1st attempt. then set it out the next day


wow! thats pretty brief. boo hoo

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