I ordered a mattress from Amazon. The first attempt at delivery UPS told me to sign the paper they left on the door with instructions on where to leave it.

which I did. (side door, etc) The second day they came back and left a note and said that now the package requires a signature at the time of delivery. I called and spoke to someone at UPS that said someone locally would call me back in an hour. No one called.

I called back 3 hours later and spoke to *** that told me they would try to deliver it one more time, if I wasn't there it would go back to the warehouse and would remain there for pick up for 5 days. I told him it was a 90lb box, that I wasn't picking it up and he basically told me tough luck. I called Amazon the next day. They did NOT require a signature and got UPS on the phone.

It was resolved but I was told it was a "fill in" driver that made the mistake and my "regular" driver is in today and he would deliver the package. This has happened in the past with "fill in" drivers from UPS. It just doesn't seem that hard to me to deliver packages.

What should have been a pleasant experience purchasing a new mattress turned into a bunch of unnecessary drama.

If someone from UPS would have followed through and done what they should have done when I called them the first time, it never would have taken me 4 addtional phone calls including talking to an *** at UPS to get this resolved.

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