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UPS attempted delivery, but my agents for receiving the package were not prepared to pay the customs fee. Had I known about customs fees due, I would have ensured that my agents were aware of this and I would have left sufficient cash with them. UPS had my email address, but chose not to inform me.

I provided cash to my agent and they tried to pay the customs fee in cash. On the second delivery attempt, the UPS driver refused to accept cash.

On day 3 of this fiasco, I called UPS to discover that they do accept cash. I offered to pay with my credit card, but for some reason, this would impose an additional 48 hour delay. Now thorougly confused and not trusting any information from UPS, I decided to acquire a money order and scheduled delivery for day 4.

I went out of my way to acquire a $15.78 money order and incurred a $5.00 fee.

Ignoring my request to deliver on Day 4, UPS delivered on Day 3. Luckily, the money order was there. The driver confirmed that he was authorized to accept cash.

In the end, I received the package 48 hours late. This held up production and I lost money.

Next time, I will insist that the shipper use postal service for smaller packages.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I also have come across the issue of not being told ahead of time of additional fees than I have already paid in order to acquire my package. I am planning on taking money out at the bank today because I do not own any cheques with my account because my banker insisted I do not need cheques "in the modern world". After hearing your story, I fear I may have a similar experience!


you should think twice about the postal service, they smashed the last package i sent by them. i have always had good business with ups


UPS drivers can not, repeat can not, receive cash. They used to, but not for about 8-10 years now.

Not sure who at UPS told you they would or what your driver was on when he said he could accept cash, but UPS drivers can not accept cash.

And it is not out of fear for their drivers being robbed. It is all about processing fees and such. When you pay by check or MO, UPS merely forwards those to the shipper.

When they took cash, someone had to count it all, deposit the money, and then once a week, a UPS check was cut to pay the shipper. Cash became an option that cost too much to continue.