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Tried to do everything right. Sold my neon signs on ebay. Took them to UPS Store in Claremont, NH to make sure they would receive good packaging. Two of the signs were received by recipients broken. Filed claims for the insurance in April. It is now end of June with no headway toward any insurance reimbursement.

First was told by UPS that I am not shipper of record - local UPS Store is. I must go through them. After 7 weeks into claim and having refunded ebay buyers money, I complain to UPS again. Then I am told that they will send a pick up order for the broken lights with original packaging to verify damage, etc. - 7 weeks later. I respond to UPS that it is unreasonable to expect a person to hold on to a broken item for 7 weeks with the original packing. Of course the recipients have been refunded their money. They expected that if UPS wished to inspect the packages they would have done so in a few days or a week. Of course, they are no longer hanging onto them.

Surprise ... UPS cannot pay the claim because recipient refused to give them the light and original packaging for inspection that they no longer have - 7 weeks later! Smooth move UPS.

Of course, I fully expect that the final resolution to the second claim will have the exact same result.

I will no longer ship anything I sell by UPS and will do everything I can on items I buy online being shipped by anyone but UPS.

I strongly advise you to do the same or at least do so realizing 2 things. First, do not expect a UPS store to properly pack your fragile items. Second, do not buy into UPS's insurance scam.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States #668783

So, you want them to pay a claim on what you say with no proof ?

If I were a Business, I sure wouldn't !

to Bert Boston, Massachusetts, United States #668810

You are making an untrue assumption. Proof was submitted and even their own drivers were shown the items and packaging. Items were also held for UPS's inspection but not 7 weeks.

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