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UPS is one of the most worthless companies in the U.S.I am remodeling my home and was to have many large, heavy packages delivered.

The UPS driver who delivered the first of these was too lazy to bring them up 5 steps to my front door and left them sitting in the driveway (I am disabled and cannot lift heavy things up stairs). I complained to UPS and was sent an email saying they were having a recurring problem about this with my local delivery center and they told them to deliver to the door. Well, the next day the same thing happened. I complained again and was told I had to create an account on their website to say I wanted delivery at the front door (you have to do this with every tracking number individually - I had dozens of numbers).

I did what they wanted and put in the requests for front door delivery. Two days later I got many emails telling me that packages were being delivered that day - but then the driver came, put 2 light packages on my porch and left. I then got emails saying many items were delayed (all the heavy ones) even though the tracking shows them arrived at my local center. However, one fairly large and heavy item still showed as being on the truck for delivery even though the truck had come and gone.

I never have issues with FedEx or USPS so why can't UPS do things right?From now on if I go to buy something and my only choice for delivery is UPS I am going to tell the seller that I will not purchase from them and I will take my businesses to someone who will send what I buy via FedEx or USPS.

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