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I would strongly suggest people, DO NOT USE this service at all, and if you ordered something online make sure that YOUR SHIPPER MUST NOT BE USING UPS. I ordered something from canon usa and from amazon on the same day, well as amazon is, the things got delivered on the same day, however canon, VA, USA used UPS to deliver it to philadelphia and the shipment is now delayed by 3 days with no clue yet (of course not counting weekend on which UPS doesn't move an inch, again, it's not amazon warehouse).

They first sent me a notification saying that there was no one to sign, when 1) the building has a 24 hr concierge service who takes all deliveries 2)my wife was at home all day that day, so it was a plain lie. I had mentioned leave at concierge (as they give no other option to put anything in description). So understanding that, I checked their poor website for other options and used change delivery to a UPS center 3 minutes walk from my place. But then I realized that it just added one day more for no reason, now it wasn't letting me change that back.

I called there customer service waited for 30 minutes followed by disconnection and then again, finally got through. She didn't have anything more to add but said that you should change the delivery after 30 minutes, I called them 12 hrs later with the same issue continuing and they replied the same. For concierge, they said you should have chosen "neighbour" rather than "concierge" for description if you had a concierge in your building, oh obviously!.I messaged them on facebook and they gave me a technical support number, they also didn't have any clue at all, neither anybody knew where the package is, but she told me she doesn't know the number for a place where it might be (which of course belongs to UPS). Anyway I went to that place as it's few minutes drive.

The person there told me that the package is on the vehicle but it would only be delivered tomorrow (in the same city few minutes drive away, why did they even load it if they didn't have to deliver, doesn't make sense, but sure it's UPS). I also checked at the UPS center twice where I had redirected the delivery to (and which the website had never let me change), including a day after, and they also don't have any clue other than that it's on the vehicle. So currently, if they are telling the truth, after 3 days delay and extreme hassle my relatively expensive package is roaming around in a vehicle in philly itself, when I live in the heart of the city with ton of UPS centers around.

I am repeating again DO NOT USE UPS for shipping and do NOT USE THE SHIPPER IF IT SENDS YOU STUFF THROUGH UPS, like canon, va, usa did, I don't have any problem with canon though as they shipped it quickly enough. Well by the way VA is closer to philly by driving or public transport if you want to get your stuff on time rather than using UPS if that works ;).

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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