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I order some parts for a pc on a sunday. the estimated delivery day was about 10 days from the initial ship date, and the it was only 4 to 7 day shipping.

on new years day it arrives in my town and it still says two business days remaining but the delivery date was about 6 days away even thought it arrived in my city, they can't even do a pick because it's a ups "surepost" what ever the heck that means. so I call them and I get absolutely no where and the only info i got was it will take 5 DAYS for it to move from ups to USPS for them to deliver it just because its a "holiday", New years eve and day are not a freaking holiday, and if it is its not one to be recognized to be a holiday to close tons of businesses.

Reason of review: stupid ways of shipping and/or picking up a package .

Preferred solution: i want my package to be delivered to my house as soon as possible which will not be next week or owl low me to pick it up myself tomorrow, (i doubt if anyone will even read this).

UPS Cons: Poor delivery practices, Way in which i have been dealt with.

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UPS Surepost is a joint UPS/USPS shipping service, where UPS delivers the package to the local post office, and then the local post office delivers it to the delivery address. Once it leaves UPS's hands, they are unable to do anything, as the package is now entirely controlled by the post office.

As for the service itself, UPS does not arbitrarily choose to make shipments "Surepost;" the company you ordered your parts from chose that service, probably because it was cheaper than sending it via UPS Ground.

Honestly, from what you've said here, UPS is completely not at fault. You either need to take up your grievances with the company you bought the products from, or the United States Postal Service.