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My pkg was supposed to be delivered 2/4/14, but the delivery requires a signature. I called to ask for a new delivery address because I work during the day.

Got no where w/UPS. I got a notice saying the item would be returned to sender unless I drive 25mins (that's almost an HOUR both ways!). I called to ask, "Can't you leave it at a local store?". I was told they can try it, but there's guarantees the store will accept it, and if they don't, the item automatically goes back to sender.

So, I make the drive - 25mins there. 25 mins back. When I get there, I'm told the pkg is not there. I said this is ridiculous.

My deliver is now delayed 4 days. They need to accomodate THE CUSTOMER. I was told no.

Just viewed the website because they sent me an email earlier in the week saying I can change the deliver address online -- just create a login!

So, I do so and guess what? Only the sender can do that. So I called the 800# because I also saw on the InfoNotice left on my door that I can change the address through the 800#. Well, a rep was going to do that for me, but informed me that the delivery would now be delayed by another 5 days.

How is this possible when the location is CLOSER to your hub where you say the pkg is supposedly waiting? Now I have to drive another 25mins there and 25mins back tomorrow and HOPE that the pkg is there.....and HOPE that the expensive wine inside isn't spoiled from exposure to heat or from getting going warm and cold and vice versa. How is this company in business?

I'm surprised that I'm saying this, but the U.S. Postal System is better than UPS!

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Richardson, Texas, United States #783136

Number one stop with the F------ Crying ok.You was aware in the beginnig that the package required an signature correct, Because what ever you ordered had to be important enough to require a signature.You should have used common sense in the beginnig.These people always ask if you need to list an second address for delivery.This is what you should have provided in the first place,Since you cannot *** work to accept the package yourself.Then you got the Nerve to place Blame on UPS.WTF IS THAT About.And know i do not work for UPS.

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