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From now on, whenever possible, I'm going with Fedex!!! For someone who receives deliveries through UPS as often as I do, you would figure that I would get better service, but let me explain. UPS never gives a time frame, just that the package will be delivered before the "end of the day" (whatever the *** that means). I used to get my deliveries around 6pm, but I never complained, even though UPS always refused to give me an idea as to an approximate time of delivery. Then all of a sudden, my delivery guy started coming early in the day (between 12 and 1pm), and also all of a sudden needing a signature, never having needed a signature before. Who the *** is home at 12pm?! I receive deliveries through UPS so often because I don't have a car, so I had to make arrangements to go pick up my package 4 miles always, for which I had to go on foot to pick up. What the *** is the advantage of going through UPS, when I have to walk 8 miles to get my package?! So before when I was home all day, I couldn't get UPS to drop my package off earlier in the day, then I start working and going to school, keeping me away from home most of the day, and UPS wants to deliver early in the afternoon, and require a signature, where before they needed none. I express my situation to UPS customer (no) service, and they offer NO help only saying "depends on the driver's route". Basically, despite the fact that I'm a paying customer, often paying extra for overnight delivery, I have no say as to when I get my delivery.

Now my most recent experience; I went online to set it up so that the driver can leave the package, even if no one is home to sign. So you figure no more problems, right? Wrong?! I waited ALL day Friday for my delivery because it was extremely important that I receive my delivery before the weekend, the delivery guy comes at 9pm, stops at the house next door to me, pauses there for 20 seconds, and speeds off claiming that my address doesn't exist. Despite the fact that I live on a small dead end street, I had the only house on the street with the front porch light on, my house number was plain to see right near the light, and I was standing at the door. The only reason I didn't come out was because it was drizzling out, and I figured if he was leaving my delivery to the very end of the day, the least he could do, is bring my delivery to the door. But the driver didn't even try and look, I was right next door to the house he was in front of, under all the aforementioned circumstances. He didn't even try! I call customer (no) service, and they apologize and say there is nothing they can do until Monday, despite the fact that I paid for overnight delivery because receiving the package on Friday was extremely important. Saturday customer (no) service calls me and says that the regular driver was out, and this was a new or substitute driver who was confused and thought my address was for the neighboring town. Why the *** would he have a delivery in a different town? And even if that was the case, why was he on my street, right next door to me? I didn't buy it, but what could I do?! Now, you'd figure that my delivery would be the very first on Monday morning, as an attempt to shown some desire to appease me. Wrong again?!

I swear, UPS is the only business I've ever experienced where customer complaints are either defended of justified. The driver is always right, I've seen no dedication to quality service.

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Their 1-800 number is designed to frustrate you and get you to hang up before you've even talked to a human. They want the money for your package without having to make good on the delivery.

If you think, for one second, that UPS cares about customers or employees, you are sadly mistaken. They care more about their public image than anything else. Look into what web domains they purchased, like and so on.

The reason is, because the word is getting out. I'm thankful that there are places like this that UPS cannot control.

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