UPS has been the worst shipping company to deal with. Ordered a package online a few weeks ago and selected the expedited shipping on a time sensitive package.

On the Friday the package was supposed to arrive, tracked it to the town I was in before closing time, was told by customer service I would now not receive the package until Monday and I was could not pick it up myself because they could not give me the address of the depot. I did not receive this package on time before I had to leave town and had to have it dropped off at a friend's place on Monday which was completely useless since I left town and needed the package before Monday. Order another package a few weeks later and had no choice but to use UPS (expedited). On the day of arrival received a tracking notification that a delivery attempt had been made at my apartment, although no phone call and no notice and no indication besides online that the driver had been here.

Called customer service, told to pick it up myself at a depot in the afternoon. Went to the depot and was told I could not pick it up until Monday because the driver would not be back before closing time. I will be working the Monday to Thursday until after the depot closes so will not be able to pick the package up until Friday myself, despite having paid the 115 dollars to have it delivered to my home. In the last month I have spent over 200 dollars on shipping with UPS and it has been completely for nothing.

UPS customer service would not refund my money and I will make a point of never using UPS if at all possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Austin, Texas, United States #777971

UPS IS A JOKE. Couldn't deliver a package 20 miles in 8 hours, claiming adverse weather conditions.

In Texas?! Total BS. now I have to wait another 2 days till Monday to receive my items I sell for my business. Losing 100-200 everyday I have to wait.

Talked to a manager and got the run around. :upset

Richardson, Texas, United States #775383

This is awake up call ok.First of all" UPS DOES NOT WORK ACCORDING TO YOUR SCHEDULE OK".If this package was so important you would have took off a little earlier to go and Pick the package up yourself.Second of all UPS alway's ring my door bell and Also knock on my door when making an delivery.Third UPS is alway's accurate when they state they will deliver my package's.Fourth UPS is usely early on delivery date,I usely recieve my package's a day or So sooner than expected.It seem's as though you need to stop making order's for a while until you can sit still long enough to recieve the package's.Or better still you might think about having every package delivered on a Friday when you are home or Have UPS hold your package for pick up by yourself at the depot where your package's are being held.And why would you be paying $115-$200 just for a two day delivery.This does not sound true at all.

to ***nie #1069789

No ups has Lost as in they went in transit and were never seen again. Never got a answer where,why it's been 6 months have lost them and there's no refund on the $75!shipping and the items I lost.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #775218

Your story makes no sense, at the very leaat in contradicts itself. Yoi say they wouldn't give you the depot address then you say you went there.

So i call bs on the whole thing.

If any of it is true, why don't you do the my choice thing they keep pushing? At leaat then you'd get your stuff?

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