First, my company I work with used to use UPS to ship.

We no longer use there services.

They damaged most of our shipments.. Denied our claims.

And then ignored our emails and calls after.

Second I ordered some clothes online for my birthday.

The company I ordered them from used UPS as there carrier.

It has been a month I haven't got my clothes.

I called the company they said "UPS marked it as delivered."

"You will have to wait until the 30th to file a claim."

(I ordered my clothes April 6th. It is now April 30th)

Long story short, I called UPS to find out what is going on..

They said they did NOT deliver my package, USPS did.


Monetary Loss: $600.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #813661

Still wants to say Dallas, NO its NOT Dallas, It is Sulphur Springs,Tx. The driver for UPS id John Armstrong & the supervisor who DID NOT HELP ME IS TODD MCKEE The UPS is in SULPHUR SPRINGS TX that has done this 3 times & we are mad!

Mary & the Major GENERAL***

Dallas, Texas, United States #813658

My posts are hiding Sulphur Springs,TX. & I do not want to HIDE I am in Sulphur Springs Tx.

& this is where the *** F**** @ UPS are at! I did NOT choose to hide behide another town,I am NOT afraid of these idiots.

I am not the one that did anything, Now I have to go through a hassle because of this punk! Sulphur Springs,Tx Sulphur Springs,TX

Dallas, Texas, United States #813655

Never use anything but Pay Pal to pay & they will take the claim over & get it before 30 day, I had something ordered for Sunday May(Mothers Day) 11 2014 & the driver was an ***, said he could not see my numbers on my mailbox, well the us Postal can, DHL can & so can Fed-Ex. His name is John Armstrong & his supervisor(Todd McKee)was no help either & another supervisor named Jackie(female) tried to place another order, she did not know what I had ordered,(fraud) now is that *** or what.

They Have one driver @ UPS> here in Sulphur Springs TX that is good his name is Terry. Before I am finished they are going to wish they had never heard of me.I am turning them into consumer affairs, BBB & a whole list,Not to mention the main office in Sandy Springs Georgia! I am going to tote signs in this town as I have before & use my 1st amendment right. Its still a big hassle the little B****** left it @ some bodies gate he said.

I am NOT the type person to fool with & get mad & my fiance is in the service. He wanted to go out there& take care of it man to man. He may yet! Its still a hassle ,a lot of calls & stress, but this one I will NEVER FORGET!

So just keep complaining EVERYWHERE you can as we are! I want justice not some little pencil pusher I could whup @ my age! When I get mad I get the strength of an ox. I am 5 ft.

& weigh maybe 130. I am a senior citizen, I will not let age stand in the way if they do not! I will kick that a&&. They are ***, wet behind the ears & do not know the meaning of real work!

I live in Sulphur Springs,TX & I do NOT care if they know or who knows, they are going to get plenty of complaints, I have NOTHING else to do! I have CPTSD & when that is set off no one wants to be around its NOT a pretty site! But, I am NOT going to jail! I will do it all legal.

I have my putor & so does my 3 star MajorGeneral,& he has a lot of buddies! Uniform to uniform lets see what happens! IDIOTS is ALL they are!

This town is full of them! I choose NOT to hide my identity or location, I want them to know where this happened!

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