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I ordered an item from Amazon last week and it was supposed to arrive Tuesday. Didn't arrive.

Checked the tracking and it said it was delivered by the front door or on the front porch. To begin with we have a gated property and there is a number posted at the gate for them to call for delivery. We were home all day that day and no one called. So I called Amazon.

Amazon is fabulous. They were willing to give me a refund immediately. Problem was I really needed the part for a car that is not functioning without it. So I just asked if they could reorder.

Stupid mistake on my part. Of course it came UPS. So now it is Thursday. Since it was scheduled for delivery today I went to the UPS site and entered the tracking number so I could get text updates on the status.

I also went out and put a sign on the gate to UPS in big letters telling them I was home - call me and I will come to the gate and get the package. No one called but the minute my text arrived (probably 1 minute after the delivery time it stated) and I ran out. If the UPS guy had been here I would have heard his truck leaving and when I checked at the gate there was no package again. He didn't put it in the mailbox and obviously he delivered it somewhere else.

The package was marked left on porch or by front door. No one can get to my porch or front door. They would have to scale an 8 foot fence and outrun the dog to deliver there. That is why we have a notice on the gate.

FEDEX and Amazon delivery don't have a problem. Why does UPS? So now Amazon is refunding my order and I am having to find this somewhere else that doesn't ship via UPS. Customer service is also a joke.

I called them immediately and said all they had to do was contact the driver while he was still in the area and they said they couldn't do that. So I asked for a supervisor and the supervisor said they would contact the driver - huh? I was just told they couldn't do that.

Needless to say I am not going to hold my breath because I don't expect to hear back from them. If you are a business relying on UPS I wish you luck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Next Day Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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