Last year for homecoming I ordered a dress from PromGirl. UPS was chosen to deliver my dress.

Unfortunately UPS only comes to our house when everyone is at work and I am at school. We tried contacting them to establish a way too fix it but, after several attempts at delivering the package, they sent it back to PromGirl. Where I then had to pay extra money to get the package delivered again. I eventually got the dress thankfully.

This year I had forgotten that experience and ordered from PromGirl again, only to find another little sticker on my door. After this first note my mom, the one who ordered the dress for me, went online and gave them her electronic signature so that they'd leave it on the doorstep for us to retrieve when we come home. Today, the package was still not here and an identical sticky note was there instead. My mother called them this time and despite many questions and pleas, they would not let us receive the package in any other form than someone being home and signing for it.

So now I have to stay home from school tomorrow to receive my $179 homecoming dress unless I want it sent back again. I hope they feel pleasant knowing they're keeping a student from their education.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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