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I cannot even begin to describe how *** of a company is UPS. I had a package shipped to me and even though it was actually lost for weeks, they continued to tell me that it was still on its way.

Weeks later when the package was finally determined to be lost, I was told that a package that matched my description but without the original packaging would be sent to me (ahh illegal to assume that a package is someone's and just send it out without a shred of evidence to make you believe it's the correct package). It arrived and of course it was damaged and the driver documented right in front of me that that he saw the damage and marked it as so. I have now spent the last two days waiting for a call-back that come to find out is not coming and all I am waiting on is the driver to pick it up, why not have just taken it two days ago? I have now been on hold for pushing 45 minutes because I wanted to speak with a supervisor, go figure, I bet I'm not the only one that wants to speak with them.

Most people would just wash their hands with it but I am different, I will spend the amount of free time that I lost to this company and I will campaign that many hours to writing on postings like this.

I hope that people decide to just use the post office, I know I sure will from here on out. There is much more that I could write down but bottom line, ask a customer service rep if they keep track of who speaks with who for accountability and you will hear a resounding "no we don't" great way to show customer satifaction, just don't document anything so nobody can be held responsible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I understand your pain and I am currently experiencing many issues with UPS/UPS driver(s) but they including the 800 customer service reps and the local UPS center couldn't care less. They did respond to me but with the attitude which can not be described.

They are worse than the government owned USPS. I don't even have the energy to write the whole story about my case(s) with them as I am exausted with UPS. A worst company on the planet of earth! :(.

The problem is some shippers don't let us consumers choose what freight company to use. If I could, I would use USPS or Fedex.


I am at the point where u will only buy from someone that ships other than ups. I was tild that I would receive a call from cooperate but never did.

I do see some that called I bs..

sure for many, they haven't ran into a problem but call bs when you finally run into the problem.. hey call the number on my phone and see where it takes you!


Sorry typed from my phone so short handed it.. *you