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I have just had the worst experience with UPS and hope that you will discontinue use of this company. I was not notified that a painting had to be signed for, therefore I was not home when UPS attempted delivery. I then spent over 2 hours on the phone with them, as the notice stated that they would not re-attempt delivery until Monday. I told them how important it was that the painting not be in the freezing cold for 3 days, to no avail. They would not consider how to make this delivery happen even tomorrow.

I am now paying for a truck and person to pick this up at UPS tomorrow since they will not deliver it until Monday, and the package is too large to fit in my car. There should be no shipping fee incurred by the shipper. I should have been called when the driver attempted delivery. This company is incompetent and has no regard for customer service.

I am so incredibly disappointed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Florida, United States #919956

The fact that you didn't know that the painting had to be signed for is the fault of the shipper, not UPS. Also, if it was a very valuable painting, UPS does not leave high value items at the door for liability reasons.

As for not delivering until Monday, UPS only delivers on business days, unless extra money is paid fro Saturday. The only exception I have ever seen is when they were late delivering a package on a Friday (as in the package wasn't even attempted to be delivered), so they did end up delivering it on Saturday. However, in the case of a package for which no one was home to sign for it, UPS has not done anything wrong and would proceed to attempt deliver only on the next business day, which would be Monday.

As for calling you when the driver attempted to deliver, at this time of year, it isn't uncommon for a driver to have well over 200 stops on any given day.

Simply put, they do not have time to call a person if they're not home, and they definitely don't have time to wait for that person to show up. My suggestion to you would be to choose different options for delivery next time. If you're expecting an important package that you know you will not be home for, then you can tell the shipper to choose the option of "shipper release," which means UPS will just leave it at the door (this option isn't available for items declared at $900 or above though). Another way around it is to have your package sent to your place of business, or another location where there will be someone to sign for it, and that you can later pick it up at your own leisure.

Private mailboxes are a good option if you're having issues as well.

to Will Long Beach, New York, United States #926608

UPS Sucks and it sounds like you work for them.. I had same issues they will not even give you a window less that all day.. and customer service do even care..

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