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I ordered a new phone through my carrier since my old phone died. Using UPS tracking my phone was to be delivered 1/7/16.

Using their tracking service it said my phone had been delivered at 10am on the 7th. Since the package needed to be signed for I contacted customer service through their Chat option ( Since they delivered my phone to someone else I couldn't call ). I went through 5 different people in the chat process and all of them gave me the runaround. First I was told I must call the toll free complaint number.

She couldn't understand that they had delivered my phone to another party. her only suggestion was to borrow a phone and call them. I am a disabled Vet and I cannot just run out and get a phone from someone. I run my business out of my home and I need my phone to process orders.

After 5 times on chat I was finally advised that my package had been delivered to the Amazon warehouse 25 miles from my house. I asked why they couldn't call the UPS service in Las Vegas and have the phone picked up by them and delivered to me. I was told " the centers do not have the capability to receive calls - only outcall ". Then I was told that Amazon returns any packages that are delivered to them in 3 to 7 working days.

I work with Amazon quite a lot and I was told by them that that is simply untrue. UPS could have sent someone over to pick up my package and they would have been glad to give it to them After talking to the 5th person on chat I was told a supervisor would email me and get this resolved. As of this morning I have not gotten an email and still no phone. I have attempted to use the chat option with UPS again this morning and I was told I must either call or email hem.

I also found out that the chat center is in Southeast Asia. Lot of good that does in an emergency. I will probably be forced to buy a prepaid phone until I get mine ( if that ever happens). My suggestion - NEVER use UPS.

Most incompetent, non caring, useless organization in the business world.

Reason of review: I need my phone.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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