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I have had the worst experience with UPS. The customer service is horrible, in addition UPS never meets its commitments.

I was promised to receive my parcel on 22/05/2014 at Roppes Crossing, NSW-2760, Australia. I rang UPS twice on the day to track my parcel but they still kept saying that it will be delivered by 5pm, which never happened. I spent whole day waiting for it. Next day on 23/05/2014, I received a call from the driver saying that he got the wrong address so he left the location. When I rang UPS regarding this issue they were of no help at all and in their system they had the right address so I don't know how they managed to write wrong street on the box. They again committed that it will be delivered on 26/05/2014. Once again, they failed to meet the deadline. Moreover, they promised that they are going to call me to update me with the status of parcel, but unfortunately I had to ring them back because they never bothered to call me. Over the phone, they kept lying to me that it will be delivered by 5pm but no one turned up.

Then I decided to call the driver, John and he gave me the right information that he has not received the box from company. Basically, UPS just made me await for the parcel whole day when they knew that it will not be delivered on the given date.

I am still hoping to receive my parcel tomorrow (27/05/2014). But it is the worst customer service I have ever received in my whole life. It is ridiculous. I will not recommend anyone to use UPS service. I will take this matter further because I have wasted days waiting for the parcel which has not arrived yet.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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