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Was called from a number my phone didn't recognise today and the woman claimed to be from UPS Collections. Apparently I have some sort of overdue balance to pay (which I am sure I do, mail hasn't been coming to my house lately so would not be surprised if just missed the invoice if they sent one). But the woman immediately asked me to pay via phone (ie give her my credit card info) AND she was talking so fast, I couldn't understand anything she was saying. When I asked her to slow down and explain what I owed and for what reason, she not only did NOT slow down, she also told me that she has no authorisation to tell me what I owe the money for. SUSPICIOUS, MUCH?

Obviously, at this point I decide not to give her my payment information because if she's from the head office of UPS or whatever, shouldn't she at least be able to tell me what the overdue amount was due FOR?

I had a feeling it was because of an international package I sent, so I asked her if it was for an international package and she went on to laugh at me and say that no, UPS is the big brown truck that drives around in the US. Which is completely ridiculous because how is that even related to my question about my overdue amount??

Then she went on to accuse me of "not wanting to pay" for my balance, which is completely untrue. I am an honest person and would absolutely pay if she wasn't being so rude or suspicious.

I went on to ask if there were other methods I could pay via online or invoice or something and she kept laughing at me and telling me that no, there is no other way except paying via credit card on phone. Of course, I'm not going to believe her if she can't even tell me what the payment is for.

Note: I work(ed) in customer service for several years over the phone and in person so I know exactly what it feels like being at the other end of the phone line and BELIVE ME there are MANY ways of dealing with situations like these.

I also now realise that this number is indeed from UPS because I googled it after she rudely hung up on me. Would have done so during the call if she wasn't giving me such a hard time.

PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS WOMAN GETS OFF HER HIGH HORSE AND LEARNS BASIC CUSTOMER SERVICE. Going to email this into their customer service complaints, too.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Certainly sounds as if it is a scam call.

Similar in nature to the scam calls from supposedly the IRS.

Interesting, though.

I got the same type of call, but do NOT have an account with them! Sounds as though the scammers are getting more creative!

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