My laptop was due to ship yesterday. Anxiously awaiting it, I went home for lunch only to see a note on my door.

I had left a note yesterday morning saying "UPS please leave my package on porch even is no one is home." The note I found was a UPS note saying they needed my authorization to leave my package, and to please sign a paper if I wasn't going to be home. Well, obviously I had already done this. So I called the 800 numbers- only to talk to multiple computers. I called my local UPS office- the woman said she could not help me.

I knew the delivery man was still in my neighborhood because I had seen him on my way in. After hours of talking to multiple people, they told me they could hold my package and I could pick it up later. One hour after this, I get a call saying I can get my package between 8-830 and I would have to drive an hour to get it. Not wanting to go through these hoops, I said just deliver again tomorrow.

The woman told me they could not do this, so I called the customer service center and had it arranged. The package was to be here between 10:30 and 2 oclock today. I left work early after receiving a call saying that they could not leave my package even with a signature. That was at noon.

It is now 3:30 and there is no sign of my laptop. I emailed one of the MANY customer service people I spoke with yesterday saying that if my package is not here today I am demanding a refund of my $60 shipping fee and for my package to be on my porch first thing tomorrow.

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If a thief left a note outside your door and said leave package then drivers just obey what do you think would happen to your packages?


Ups is horrible!! Should have used fedex!!!

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