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I opened an account with UPS and they asked me to send to documents to confirm the address of the account, which I did, they never called me with a follow up call to say they had not received it, but blocked my account, no notification what-so-ever.

That's not the end of it, A large Audio Manufacturer arranged for some goods to be sent to me and a collection at the same time. when the driver delivered the Item, I said I have a return for you also, The driver then said, I had a message a few days ago, not to take any collections from this address.

This was the first I new about the problem with UPS over my account opening, but the fact is, not only did I have to hear it from a driver, as I had not calls from the accounts department of UPS, but the item to be collected was on another companies account. When I called, I found them to be un helpful, was advised it does to matter whose account it is, it's because it is connected to my company name on the documentation. This is out of order since, I have not used the UPS service, I don,t owe them any money, and I am not the account holder of the requested pick up.

As a result, I am writing to UPS to ask them to stick their account up their ***.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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