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Abysmal, useless, frustrating, disappointing, unreliable. These are but a few words that describe UPS in the UK. I've had the worst experience with them and I hope the company gets shut down. I had made arrangements through a company to retrieve my things that were being held by a friend of mine and transfer them to my location outside the UK. Note that I had paid for everything in advance including travel fees.

The first attempt they didn't show up, my friend waited and waited, but didn't receive so much as a text. I book for a second time. The guy calls my friend and tells them to move my things to a more convenient spot for him to pick up, my friend objects and the driver starts shouting at them. Third attempt, the guy calls, my friend missed it, tried to call back, but nobody answers.

Of course now I'm at my wits end and I complain, the call center people for UPS (who are just as useless as their company), tell me that the driver says that the package should have been placed at a more convenient spot for him to pick up. What is the point in being a collection driver? Does the job title not speak for itself? Or is a job description required? What did you expect when you applied for the job?

I make a fourth attempt, they didn't show up at all, I call the center and they tell me the driver had an issue and didn't enter the residential area, when there's an open parking lot that is open to everyone. I am furious, I tell them to send someone back immediately because my friend is going on holiday and I need the packages to be picked on that day. They said they were sending someone, they lied. I ask to reschedule for the following day, call center guy asks me what were the contents of the packages I say they are my personal belongings.

This is where things hit the fan, the guy starts telling me they can't ship my packages because it has my belongings, I tell them they are mostly clothing, he refuses. I ask if you can't ship clothing to other countries, what can you do, what do you ship? He starts telling me about customs, I tell him I was already informed of all of this by the cargo company I was applying through. He refuses. My mother has to get on the phone with him and he's arguing about how shipping personal belongings is not allowed. My mother, furious, asks for the manager, after a long wait some guy called Alex picks up the phone. My mother is boiling mad at this point and starts complaining about how incompetent the people are and as soon as she's done to hear what he has to say, there's pin drop silence. The guy hung up.

So, congratulations UPS for getting this far in life. I for one am never using your services again and I will let everyone I know never to use your services. Because if the manager of all people couldn't man up to have a grown up conversation and instead decided to hang up the phone, then there are clearly jokers working there who probably laugh and swap stories of how they ruined a customers day and how much work they had to put in, even though there is none.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Drivers, Customer service, Company policy, Anyone.

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