Reston, Virginia

From top to bottom I believe that they are actually trying to under perform.

Horribly uneducated, rude, and poorly trained customer service and supervisors. Constant inaccurate and fraudulent information.

Terrible technology and tracking protocol.

Total lack of care for maintaining the conditions of the package which they attempt to deliver.

The stories are endless and the company should be out of business and probably will be soon, although they will cost a lot of consumers a lot more headache and money before they flush down.

Please join me to boycott UPS now in hopes of a more ethical, professional, reliable business standard in package delivery.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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I sent a package to Xiamen China on 12-23-14 from my local UPS store, paid over $200 for it, and it was supposed to arrive on 12-30. It still hasn't been delievered, it's still in their warehouse.

They say customs duty needs to be paid on cosmetics items that were shipped. They said the value was re-valued to $150, which is not the case. It's now 1-9 and it's still in their warehouse. Nothing else in the package is subject to customs duty, and everything is allowable.

Also they never contacted the recipient and never kept their promise to keep the recipient informed of the package's status. Value of the cosmetics in the package is under $40.

I am pretty upset at the service and their erroneous claim about the value of the cosmetics contents. I will never ship with UPS again, they have got to be the worst.


Remember use UPS if you absolutely need you package damaged or lost!

Some of my highlites!

Lost a $25,000 overnite check

Smashed a 20" monitor in there own approved shipping package and refused to pay the claim!

Lost a $5,000 part in scotland which they found 3 months later with the top of the box ripped off!

Just lost a $3,000 PLC controller!

By the way we stopped using them 10 years ago! These losses are from people who we tried to convince not to use UPS but did not listen to us!

And of course I have to mention there lying cusotmer service center who will never tell the truth I have had them tell me that a driver was around the corner and would be there in a few minutes on multiple occasions when the package showed up days later! Now if you need your claim paid they will deny any claim first and you will have to threaten them with civil action and they will take it right to the wire! You will be on the courthouse steps before they pay! And I am only mentioning a few episodes! Save yourself the trouble just take your package and beat it up with a baseball bat anf throw it away!


I have never had anything but problems with this company. The drivers are clueless idiots and when I called their 1-800 number the operator barely spoke English, and had no idea how to resolve my problem other than to blame the company that was dumb enough to use them to ship the product to my apartment(which arrived three hours late and was then signed over to someone else who got a free $500 TV).

That's an interesting way to deal with complaints: blame a company for being foolish enough to use them as a shipping service.

??? These *** give Time Warner Cable a serious run for their money for most indifferent business ever.


I just started working for the company this week here in Germany and I cant believe how you're forced to work! You might as well be a slave once you sign a contract!

I have to unload 3 trucks a day with over 200 parcels by myself with parcels weighing 70kg and I'm expected to get it complete within 40 minutes! and as soon as I get tired Im told to go faster faster faster! you get no protection uniform! You have to where your own clothes!

having been an Internet shopper for some years, I was shocked to see the condition the packages are in when unloading!

Just one week in the company and I have bruised knees, bruised arms, hurt back! I cant wait for the year to be over cos I will not be signing another contract!


UPS is the worst logistics company ever, rude people UN-logistics, they don't know and don't care about people and packages. Hates this company.


I work for this company, nobody cares, employees are treated like slaves, they work like donkeys for the whole day, demotivated. I am looking for another job as this company is exploiting its staff. Believe me, this is the truth!!!


UPS is the worst company, keep giving wrong information to their customers, hate this company!!!


I agree, my package was out for delivery on UPS system when i tracked it, but i have never received it, it was stollen by them!!!!


Vincent I read that in the news, congrats but the story I seen was how you clocked a 5'-4" 125 lbs woman and then ran into the house and lock the door.


*** UPS took so long that when the guy finally came, I rolled my camera, clocked him in the face and cussed him out! It was SO AWESOME! I didn't get in trouble luckily.


Hakeem how much help do you except to get yelling at people I would hang up on you


they have a package of mine from 3rd party. it was due to arrive yesterday by 10.30.

24 hours later, 10 phone calls, no slip, and the status say the same online.

Out for delivery but with a different date. HELP, i'm tired of yelling at UPS employees, its like smacking my head against a brick wall.


I had two packages from a 3rd party sent to me. So in this case I could not get a tracking number to wait around for them. One night I had the yellow slip on my front door that said final notice. I scratched my head and wondered where the first two notices were.

I called my local UPS and asked if they could re-send the packages since I never received any notice. The manager agreed and told me that he could not confirm when the driver could get there; therefore, it may be in my "best interest" to take the day off and wait.

Pretty funny- right? Well guess what by 7pm EST no package. I call UPS once again and speak to somebody that claims to be a manager. He said, oh sorry sir, the diver never made it, but I promise that he'll be out in the morning, just call back and speak with a supervisor to confirm.

Figuring that I was not going to waste yet another precious vaction day in January for these ***, I went to work and called on my way in. Alas the truth comes out. The 3rd manager says, "sorry pal" (real professional), your package went back 3 days ago to the shipper. I almost had a stroke at this point. I asked why I was lied to. His best answer is that the other reps did not know this information. I again asked why the would just throw out bad information....pause....pause....pause. I'm sorry sir. Then I asked why, since the shipper paid for a signature, did they ship it back without giving me 5 business days to get the package myself. This is the kicker. The "manager" tells me some company line which was obviously read from a cue card about how they do not hold ground packages for 5 days unless the shipper pays for a signature. Hmmm isn't that the reason I was calling.

After trying to get some sort of logical expalnation from UPS, I found myself broken, bruised and battered. I could not muster the strength to hear one more "I'm sorry sir", or more of their company line blame projecting. As in it's my fault that they lied to me.

In the future I will ask all shippers to use USPS or FedEx.

UPS = mind numbing *** heads.


a couple of years back i also VOWED never to use UPS after they held my package for a week. Now, i did not give this information to the shipper this time so guess what!

they sent through UPS. This time its even worst, they held my shipment for 3 weeks. So you would expect customer service to be as helpful as possible to try their hardest and give you accurate information but noooooo. They give you inaccurate information and customer service just keep on lying to you.

Managers do not help either, they will tell you that they will call and never do. when you request another manager, they tell you someone is working on it already and you got to wait for their phone call (no call).

If you NEED your shipment, always remember to tell the shipper not to send through UPS. WORST company i ever delt with.


I think this "soiworkedtheretoo" guy has some serious problems with his logic LOL! He has really basic grammar issues for trying to sound halfway intelligent. I think hes jealous and trying to impress the driver lol.


assumptions show ignorance. I never said that I think errors are acceptable.

I make sure all of my customers receive service, it is what the company offers, a service.

If a package does not make it onto the truck because a part-time employee is not capable of doing his or her job (soiworkedtheretoo), then it is out of my hands. That is where the few errors might come from.


LOL 'what a joke' just pointed out the problem here. If UPS employees think that a few errors out of of millions delivered each day is acceptable for a company like UPS, and if most of employees at UPS are trained to think that way, that's huge problem for the company.

To UPS and its employees, each package they deliver may be just something in millions that they handle everyday, but to the CUSTOMER, that's THE PACKAGE that they really need to receive ON TIME!! Now I know why I should avoid UPS at all cost. I'm a customer who is waiting for an important package sent by UPS (2ND DAY AIR) several days ago. UPS Tracking system still shows "Billing Information Received" while Vendor says it was shipped out two days ago.

UPS employees don't bother to spend time scanning each package when they pass through their facilities thus the tracking system has nothing to show other than "Billing Information Received". I've been using FEDEX for many occasions, and I never had this type of problems with FEDEX.

I'm going to avoid UPS at all cost. 'what a joke' should enjoy his employee benefits and vacations from UPS while the company is still doing business - that won't last long with this kind of poor service quality.


To the Ivy League reject could you please explain just exactly what you were trying to say when you wrote “you just proved the point of witless truly means” I have never seen the phrase the point of witless used before let alone in this manner


well if your a driver with a degree you just proved the point of witless truly means. you spent how much to get a education and yet your best job option was a driver for ups. do you know how ignorant that sounds? well do you? it only provides a sound basis for what the race hater had to say. and as much as i hate to agree with that type. you have left me no choice.

now as far as how pathetic is ups? what kinda of world class outfit trains the customer service reps to hang up on customers when they feel like the issue has gone beyond the bounds of excuses and lies, as the fix for a upset customer? ups that's who!

big brown's package was found in a park on the grass freshly dropped off by a lone delivery agent. reported to be a springer spaniel! not a truck in sight !

and the package was, signature required at time of delivery. of course the spaniel signed off on it, as receipt declined due to lack of hands. x marks this spot as one more big brown story line.

if you are waiting on big brown packages. get out your gloves and pooh bags just to be safe. because you will be in need of them, either way. big brown the package handling misfits of shipping.

at least they got the hipster name right. big brown what a turd !


Dreadful in every sense of the world. Clueless, overcharged (over twice the amount charged by fedex to get items into canada) after which phone-calls and letters I did not pay enough... for months.

I am taking this company to court!