My bf paid $60 for standard shipping plus signature confirmation with UPS.They advertise it as "3-5 business days guranteed shipping.Sep 20 is my friend's bday and I needed this shiping to come on time. Item was supposed to arrive latest sep 20th and now it's going to arrive on Sep 29th!can you believe it?

because *** company forgot paperwork.paper work came from LA to Vancouver Canada and item was misplaced.Now instead of them sending item straight from LA it's going to SC,Il and floria. Unbelievable ups is the worst f*ckn company out there!!! and their customer service is from Philiphines and noone speak proper English! UPS should get sued for false advertise and misleading ad to general public.

UPS die! never ever use UPS!!

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LOL @ Rick...true, true, Canadian customs are HORRILE! AND...They try and squeeze every penny out of every package that crosses the border, gotta pay for the free medical care somehow. No wonder they call their dollar coin the 'Loon.'


"their customer service is from Philiphines and noone speak proper English!"

...the irony, lol.

If you ordered it from the US to Canada, it probably got held up in customs, which UPS would have no control over. Canadians are the worst.

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