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I submitted an envelope for delivery from New Orleans to Donetsk Ukraine on July 23. I was told it would arrive on July 26 so I paid $99.70 for about 10 pages of text to be delivered since they had to be originals.

On July 29th the package still had not arrived so I looked on their tracking site and it was still sitting in New Orleans! It took until September 2ond to even get on a plane out of the country. I called them on the 29th and they promised me it would be delivered on September 2ond despite that being a week later than had been promised. The package still says it will be delivered on September 2ond but at 7 pm it arrived in Germany.

Again I called and was told that they could not give me a delivery update because it took as many as 5 days for an envelope to get thru customs! So in the end with the 5 days and then assuming they will get it there in 2 more days (who knows, they may let it sit for that long) it will have taken 4 days short of a month to get there rather than the 4 days as promised. at that rate it will arrive too late and not only will it have been a waste of $100 sending it, it will have wasted all the prep, travel, fees. everything that has led up to this position.

WHo knows the cost to reset everything into its correct state and try this again? I know that totally to get here it has cost as much as $4500 plus legal fees. It will not cost this much again to reset all things to be ready to do again, just remember that for $1200 I could have purchased a plane ticket and carried it there my self.

In retrospect that would have been the better way to go than to use this company. For an estimate I will use the lowest cost to reset all things to try again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #721604

UPS has no pull at customs. CUSTOMS is the proper authority to be angry with if you need to be angry with someone about this.

As long as you provided all info required to get thru customs, which isn't much seeing as you are claiming it was a document, then customs does what they will with it for as long as they would like regardless of carrier. Customs can randomly pick packages to hold and inspect and no one has any say in the matter. International shipping is NOT EVER guaranteed to pass customs.

An item that is acceptable to ship one day may very well be unacceptable the next day and therefore be rejected when reaching customs. Educate yourself before badmouthing people.

to Jenny #724834

No Jenny. Several days after it was to be delivered it was still sitting in new Orleans.

It was a week later it hit customs. A good attempt by UPS to put blame on others.

to Jenny #725108

Jenny perhaps you could learn to read. It was to be delivered in 4 days.

It sat in the office it was diluted from for 6 days, took 3 more days to leave the US. Only such in customs for one day.

Now please explain how it took more days to leave the office than it was supposed to take to get there? And how is that customs fault?

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