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Every time I order a package the UPS worker never delivers my package, he never knocks on my door. He just signs the invoice as attempted and leaves it on my door every time!!!!!

I have 3 dogs whome bark when there's a knock on my door and they didn't even knock today when I got the SMS txt stating there was an attempt. I'm fed up, filed 1 complaint already and soon to be more until he starts actually doing his job. I've missed work waiting for my packages. this is not good customer service!

and ups customer service does nothing about their workers until you go to the store in person and actually complain! fed up!

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They like FedEx are a monopoly in this country, and we are stuck if we shop online. And the company's we buy from don't give a *** either.

These *** got us good.

If possible start using USPS, they are even cheaper in most instances, perhaps not as convenient but their people really care they still have a job.

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