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I had a pkg in my town for 2 days not being moved and it was not a weekend. Yes there was ice and snow.

But i rember commercials say they go in all weather. well the usps was delivering everyday and trucks and cars was making it around. so why could they not deliver to areas they could get to instaed they close there warehouse and ups store for 3 mayby 4 days if they dont open tomarrow. I am guessing they will close tomarrow and be closed the weekend so it will be next week before deliverys.

I am glad its not a emergency pkg i would died by now.

I will never rely on UPS ever again. they are far the worst company no complaint department no human on phone.

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Grow up your such a adult making your *** remarks and you don't even know what was happening. I wasn't aware computer monitors where a illegal item?

Mayby everyones pkg should sit in customs. Everyone has one.And by the way you cant spell grammar lol have a beautiful day using UPS

apparently you don,t know UPS very well. They do not ship in all weather.

That was the excuse they gave us. It come from a warehouse not a store. And they would not answer phones. I have friends who deliver for UPS they don,t like it either but it is a job.

I also have a friend that works in the stores. Try living in Branson Mo you will understand the full story then.

And you dont have to be a grammar expert or speller to complain or order. :eek

Wow, nice grammer. Ever heard of a dictionary?

I have never had a problem with UPS, but then again I can communicate and understand on a adult level. UPS is the ONLY carrier that honors damages if the package is damaged while in their possesion. Was it an actual UPS Store or Joe's Ups Store and tractor sales?

As for their customer service, they do have real people answering the phones, unless you were a pain from the get go, then why help those that don't want help. Oh, and they do ship in all weather, unless you were sending illegal items that got stuck in customs.

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