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It is real *** *** to order something from Edison NJ on 2/23/12 and I have to wait a *** week to get it in Hickory NC. It takes 9 hours to drive to Edison.

I will not order anything else from anyone that ships UPS. My uncle worked for that company for thirty (30) years and I understand why now he always said I work with some *** *** people. I understand that shipping something important, overnight, or next day cost a lot of money I need what i ordered but it wasn't worth 32.00 to ship it overnight or next day. I have had nothin but bad times with UPS.

Bad part is won't nothing change a long as people need it shipped they will continue to do as they please.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Matawan, New Jersey, United States #959411

I live a cpl towns over - about 10 miles away and they have been sitting on my package since Friday. Now they say it will arrive on Tuesday.

Why does it take 4 days to get it delivered 10 miles away???



See, the tracking reveals you are not truthful.

1) your package was given to UPS on Friday-2/24, then there was the weekend(non transit days) then the27th, Monday, you come here and complain it's been a "week." Three days, 2 of which were the weekend, does not constitute a week.

2) your shipper cheaped out, they did NOT use a standard UPS shipping option, they used sure post, a product where UPS handles transport up to final delivery where your item is handed over to the post office. That issue is on your shipper & , or both, of you were attempting to get the cheapest possible got it.

Thanks for proving my point, you were full of it and you lack patience.

Madison, Georgia, United States #439665

it didnt leave nj untill monday. so you'll have it thurs.

usps is the cheapest shipping option so now it will go to the post office. you'll just hae to wait a couple more days untill you can install your sirus...


1ZR13A45YW72679639 there ya go ***


Let's see the tracking number so we can decide. I'm guessing you are as full of cr@p as you are lacking in patience.

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