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It is real *** *** to order something from Edison NJ on 2/23/12 and I have to wait a *** week to get it in Hickory NC.It takes 9 hours to drive to Edison.

I will not order anything else from anyone that ships UPS. My uncle worked for that company for thirty (30) years and I understand why now he always said I work with some *** *** people. I understand that shipping something important, overnight, or next day cost a lot of money I need what i ordered but it wasn't worth 32.00 to ship it overnight or next day. I have had nothin but bad times with UPS.

Bad part is won't nothing change a long as people need it shipped they will continue to do as they please.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Matawan, New Jersey, United States #959411

I live a cpl towns over - about 10 miles away and they have been sitting on my package since Friday.Now they say it will arrive on Tuesday.

Why does it take 4 days to get it delivered 10 miles away???



See, the tracking reveals you are not truthful.

1) your package was given to UPS on Friday-2/24, then there was the weekend(non transit days) then the27th, Monday, you come here and complain it's been a "week." Three days, 2 of which were the weekend, does not constitute a week.

2) your shipper cheaped out, they did NOT use a standard UPS shipping option, they used sure post, a product where UPS handles transport up to final delivery where your item is handed over to the post office. That issue is on your shipper & , or both, of you were attempting to get the cheapest possible got it.

Thanks for proving my point, you were full of it and you lack patience.

Madison, Georgia, United States #439665

it didnt leave nj untill you'll have it thurs.

usps is the cheapest shipping option so now it will go to the post'll just hae to wait a couple more days untill you can install your sirus...


1ZR13A45YW72679639 there ya go ***


Let's see the tracking number so we can decide. I'm guessing you are as full of cr@p as you are lacking in patience.

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