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In Georgia, you need a birth certificate to get an ID. Fine.

I can deal with that rule. So I order my BC from OH. I pay extra for UPS to ship it to me in two days. Oh yeah, my ID expired yesterday.

So, I come back to the apartment after work yesterday to find a yellow and brown sticker 'you were not here so we will try to deliver tomorrow'. And, I have to sign for the package. Fine. I call the leasing office of the apartment complex.

Yes, they can sign for the package and they will hold it for me. The sticker specifically says they will be here between 2-5 on wednesday. I write on the sticker 'Please deliver to Front Office' but I took off work at 1:30 on wednesday so I can be here when UPS comes. I take a taxi to the apartment, get to the door at 1:45 and there is another brown sticker 'you were not here.

we will attempt to deliver tomorrow.' I call the leasing office just in case my very important document was delivered there. It was not. I call Jennifer at the local office. After I tell her my story with anger in my voice she tells me that someone will contact me by 3:20.

At 3:40, the phone rings and it was a manager who profusely apoligizes but tells me there is no way my envelope can be delivered today. She tells me that some leasing offices have misplaced documents for other customers in the past, so UPS does not deliver to offices any more. My options are to wait for my envelope to be delivered the next day (she will call me in the morning to tell me when that will be. Delivery times are apparently determined by how the truck is loaded) or have my husband drive well out of his way after work to pick it up (after I call a special number to authorize it, of course) I opt to wait for it the next day.

Good thing I took the next day off work, huh? I was planning to wait at the DMV tomorrow but will have to settle for waiting around in the apartment all day to sign a paper and get my envelope that I paid extra to have it delivered 3 days ago.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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It's UPS' fault that you ordered something that required a signature then failed to be available to sign for it, that makes perfect sense?

Your situation is not a blanket policy for UPS but may be for your center or for your building. You know it's possible there have been a number of claims at your building for missing packages.

You're the same person that would complain when your 'very important' item gets delivered to a leasing office and shows up missing.

If it had been that important you could have made the small sacrifice to pick it up at the local center or made other arrangements such as having it redirected to your office.

Everything doesn't have to be a bummer, except in your world I guess.

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