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This morning while at work I checked the tracking number of my order and saw that UPS marked it "OUT FOR DELIVERY". Since the UPS pick up station is 25 miles from my house in another city, I wanted to be home to receive this merchandise.

I asked my boss if I could have the rest of the day off, and used up some vacation leave to sit home and wait for UPS. Well it was 5:30 PM and they still had not arrived at my house. I called UPS and a woman in the Stevenage warehouse tells me that my item was not out for delivery - it never left their building. I asked how that could be possible seeing as their computer system is saying it's out for delivery?

She said the system is not working right. This is about the 4th time I have dealt with UPS, and 3 out of the 4 dealing I have had with them have been similar, although this is the first time their system said it was out for delivery when it really wasn't. Now I have wasted a vacation day for nothing. I have to drive 25 miles to their warehouse to get it because I am not taking Monday off of work too.

Likely they will try to deliver it on Monday, which means I won't be able to pick it up until Tuesday. The worst of it is that I ordered items through Apple's Online Store. Why in the heck would Apple be using UPS?? They are usually a higher-end company.

To mix themselves up with UPS boggles my mind. I will not be dealing with Apple Online Store anymore because of this. I complained to Apple about it twice but they didn't seem interested in my complaint. I explained to them that UPS has no pick up facility anywhere near my house.

They don't care. Customers should have the option to choose the delivery company and pay extra if need be. I'd definitely pay extra to use Purolator or Canada Post. I'm paying extra anyway with the gas and time and day off.

I don't expect a resolution to this.

I've sent an email following up on this to Apple.

I'm so upset right now to have wasted a vacation day to sit home here waiting for nothing. Something has GOT to be done about this shoddy service that UPS is giving.

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I have had nothing but trouble with UPS. Things have been sent out for delivery twice, even though I asked for pick up.

Then I go there and they tell me it's on the truck. The warehouse is 25 miles away from my home. That's why I would say Canada Post. At least when it comes in, I have a pick up location a 3 minute drive from my house.

So far UPS was only on time with my parcel once out of the 4.

The other 3 times it's mixed up.

It's funny you should say they have the best on-time. Not in my book they don't!!!


Apple uses them because UPS has the highest on-time delivery percentage of any private carrier. It's funny that you think you'd be better off with Canada Post, which is internationally recognized as one of the worst postal carriers in the entire civilized world.

Is it a perfect system %100 of the time?

No. Welcome to Earth.

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