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I ordered a Nexus 4 cell phone on a pre-order on Dec 3rd 2012. I was informed by the vendor, Google, that it would ship towards the end of January.

On Jan 17th, I received an email from the Google Play Store with a tracking number and the date of delivery would be Jan 18th. I called UPS before 6 pm to find out the status of my shipment, and they told me it would be delivered before 7 pm. I asked a Clifford at UPS to be certain that the driver ring my doorbell on my private residence [Single family home]. He said he would contact the appropriate people at UPS to raise my concern, because in the past, most recently on Nov.

21, the drivers don't ring the bell and either leave a no one at home sticker on the door or leave the parcel in full view on the sidewalk, I received a call about an hour after speaking with Clifford to tell me the parcel was delivered. Huh!! How is that when they didn't ring the functioning bell? I opened the door to check if there was a notice placed on my door, and there was none.

While I kept the UPS CSR on the line, I checked my mail box and sidewalk for any parcels. None could be found, I told the CSR. So where was my package I asked Wendy, the CSR on the line. She looked into the matter and within 20 minutes, a UPS driver was at my door.

I asked if he had the parcel. He said he was with another driver in the van when they delivered my parcel. He said the woman who was his partner, threw it on the sidewalk. Threw it?

A $400 cell phone? He looked around and couldn't fond it and I asked if he was sure he got the right address. He said perhaps a different address. So I told him to start knocking on doors, cuz I sure as *** wasn't going to.

I asked why he didn't ring the bell which I showed him was functional, and I mentioned that I specifically asked UPS to be certain that the driver ring my bell. So he replies, how the *** could they get in touch with him when he's on the road. I replied the same way you got the message that I didn't receive the package, you *** so why did you return to my house.....just intuition that perhaps I didn't get the package. Of course they have pagers, so WTF was this *** trying to pull.

I phoned Google to complain about the missing parcel and they immediately sent me an email to confirm that it was missing and to reply to their email to consent to de-activate the phone. Now I will eventually get a full refund as Google has no stock on the item, and who knows when it will ever be in stock. But I've decided not to buy the Nexus 4 as Google will only ship UPS, and I refuse to deal with vendors who only use UPS as a carrier.

This past November, I received an email from Asus with a tracking # from UPS on a return item [a Nexus 7 tablet] that was repaired and sent back to me. November 21 2012 I was at home also talking to UPS before 6 pm to find out the status of my shipment.

I didn't know at the time that they delivered up to 7 pm. I waited until 7:15 pm and opened the door to see what was going on. There was a notice on my door that indicated I was not at home at 6:07 pm. Right!

I was only talking on the phone to UPS at the time. I phoned UPS back to tell them the problem and they told me that they would send the item to the local UPS store. I went the next day to pick up the parcel after work, and was told that there would be a charge. I told the young lady that the freight was already prepaid by the shipper.

I was told that I would have to pay an additional fee. I just walked out of the store after telling her what she could do with the parcel. I was at home the evening before,& I went out of my way to pick up the parcel at the UPS Store. WTF else do you want me to do?

I got on the phone to the shipper and UPS and UPS tried a couple of times to deliver while I was away. I was emailed by them and was told that a supervisor would be phoning me up. I never received that phone call, and speaking to a manager he said that I wasn't home when the supervisor phoned me. I called him a liar.

I was at home way before she called and I was speaking to him about an hour after she was supposed to phone me. I challenged him to call me up at home to prove I was there and not at the local *** hole. He wouldn't do it. It took UPS a f'n week to get my Nexus 7 returned finally.

I wasn't going to budge form my house this time, not after all the effort I made to get the tablet on my own, because of one ignorant *** woman UPS driver who isn't qualified to deliver the weekly flyers. She's an *** who now caused me to miss the opportunity to have my phone, a phone I won't be able to buy and now will not buy because of the stupidity of UPS!!

Monetary Loss: $429.

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