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I just don't understand why a professional delivery service that is the so-called "largest in the world" cannot deliver a simple package to the correct address. UPS has delivered packages to the wrong street countless times over the last 15 years that I have lived in my home.

I even go so far as spelling out the word "TERRACE" to help with confusion. Why is it that the pimple faced teenager from Pizza Hut can find my home to deliver a pizza yet the "so-called" professional delivery drivers with UPS cannot?

Is UPS too cheap to furnish their trucks with a GPS? Apparently the minimum wage teenager, counting of tips, can afford one.

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They just dont want to deliver fedupwornout's house because of the attack dogs that live there. he said it himself that he sends his dogs to attack people that supposedly trespass haha


maybe you should move to a less confusing neighborhood lol

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