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I placed an order online as a gift for my wife. November 9 2012 my 10 year anniversary expecting for UPS to deliver my package overnight delivery, then I got an email saying they drop it off in front of my door but there was none.

This was the 3rd time they did this to me. I called the company I ordered the gift from and they will replace the missing package, but as far as UPS they said they will investigate for the 3rd time!!! And never did got any answers from them why and WTF!! they do to my packages!!

Never use them if you have a choice to use other couriers.

I have to wait for another 5 days for my wife's gift to be replaced. Thanks for screwing up my 10 year anniversary gift UPS!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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I called them up and they said it's on time, I called converse and they've been having alot of calls and issues with UPS. They should not drop off packages if it's not signed for,, but then again ups mentioned it does not have to be signed, so that means the driver can just say they drop off the package and take it for themselves?

I dont know. specially if your ordering a $120 converse shoes.

Then again who em I to accuse. All I know is I paid for the item and I want my package deliver as promised.


Sounds as though you ordeered at the last minute, too bad you did not order a couple of weeks in advance.

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