Dallas, Texas

Took a day off work to get package because it had to be signed for.

called at 9am to make sure package was coming.

They said it's on it's way.

Stayed home all day waiting for the delivery.

I called at 5pm said what's going on, I could of been at work.

They said attmept was made I told them no I was home all day.

They said oh it never got onto the delivery truck.

I said ok but I'm going to have to be at work tomorrow because I can't take another day off. Can you switch delivery addresses for tomorrow? Sure we will.

At 9am I called and said wheres the package for traking number xxx going?

They gave me my home address. I said no it was changed yesterday. Oh I see now ok it's going to your work address.

I called back and ask to speak with a manager to find out which address my package was going to.

The manager said we tried to deliver it yesterday, I said no it never made it on the truck. He argued with me but I was home all day.

I said ok then why didn't you send it to my work address today, he said because an attempt has to be made before the delvery point can change the address, you just spent the last five minutes explaining to me that you attempted to deliver it...

It goes on and on.

The best way to run this deal is to use Fedex to ship to an address when they don't deliver on time put the package on hold at the station get your money back and pick it up from the station. I'm not sure if UPS is any better.

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@buzzrocgirl - 4-7 business days after the company you made your purchase from actually sends it into the UPS system.

@PJackson - so they reimbursed you for your package. Not really sure if its a complaint or not, stuff gets stolen all the time.

@AlyKat - the only packages I've ever seen show a time of delivery are express packages and those times are 8am 10am and 1030am. Ground packages / non express packages are between 8am and 7pm.

For the OP why not use UPS my choice, leave a note asking to be delivered to your neighbor, or have just had it shipped to your work in the first place. I've shipped things to my work just because my normal delivery to my home address is around 3 or 4 pm and my work is by 1pm I just go down the block and pick it up.


I am supposed to get my package today It said it would be here at 2:00pm its 3:00pm and it still isnt here! :(


I sent a pkg by UPS and they told me the driver delivered to the front steps at 9pm! How ***!

Of course the recipient never got it. I did not insure it but I said it was worth about 25.00.

What I did not know is EVERY package has free in surance up to 100.00. Of course they only reimbursed me shipping costs and the 20.00


I am having trouble with ups to because I ordered a package and the shipping is ups they told me 4-7 days today is the 8th day and it sucks cause I paid alot of money for ups to ship my things..