For the second time in the past few months, UPS has failed to leave notice that a delivery attempt had been made. It's pretty obvious the driver didn't even bother to come to the door because I had left a signed notice slip authorizing the driver to leave the package. I had to step out for a while but when I got back just an hour later, my signed authorization was still on the door and no package. Only when I went online after 5pm to track my package did I see a delivery attempt had allegedly been made. If that were true, why did I not receive an InfoNotice slip letting me know? Further, why was my signed authorization not accepted??

If UPS is not going to follow their own rules and procedures and accept a signature on their InfoNotice slip and leave the package, why even have it as an option for their customers???

In any case, it's pretty obvious the driver didn't even bother getting out of their truck and coming to the door. Based on the tracking site as to when the delivery attempt had allegedly been made, turns out I was there, but just in the back and not easily visible. I did not hear or see anything notifying me a delivery had arrived.

I am going to ask all of my customers, suppliers and vendors to no longer use UPS for our orders, if possible.

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