Supposed to be here 12/4. Reason given: "packages not unloaded from trailer." Expect a one day business day delay.

So I expected a one business ssh delay. Not here. Payed for 3 day shipping do it would be here in oh I don't know, maybe 3 days. So after 7 days I'm kind of pissed off.

When I called them they say it's because of the holidays.

I don't give a ***, they've been around forever but can't manage to plan for the holidays? I call ***.

I just want to play with my black Friday stuff but apparently that not gonna happen until next week.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Did overnight on 12-6-13 wheres my package at pay the fee for what


Well, you could have made an arrangement for you to pick up at their local facility. What you fail to understand is that, as a company they also have limitations. It's not easy moving 23+ million parcel over the entire course of the holiday season.

to Wafu Greenville, South Carolina, United States #754651

How about my package that has been stuck in GA for 3 days because they haven't taken it off the truck? It was supposed to be delivered friday 12/6, and its now rescheduled for tuesday 12/10 after 3 delays, who knows by the time the weekend ends there might be more!.

Fedex got my other package here 3 days early..what is ups' excuss? Don't like paying for a guarantee delivery when I get it way later than that!

to Wafu Edmonton, Alberta, Canada #755229
really buddy unless you have dealt directly with them you have no idea i have been dealing with them for a week,, you can not pickup at local depot until they have tried to deliver at least once.. and they are a big enough company that they should be prepared i have been waiting for over 2 weeks for stuff thats sitting in there depot being organized be more professional ups.. like really,,,

to Wafu Omaha, Nebraska, United States #756422

Um, you cannot always pick up at the location. If the shipper blocks it and requires at least one attempted deliver, you are screwed. UPS is a joke and their employees don't give a ***.

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