Duvall, Washington
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Made my order from Home Depot on Dec 14 with a promised delivery by Dec 23. Everything was ON TIME up to an including Dec 23. It's now Jan 3, 2009 and I've had 5, yes 5 rescheduled dates and one package is now an exception with no delivery date at all.

UPS has no idea where my packages are, Home Depot has no idea nor really cares and I quote, You've already payed us for it.

Both the local TV and newspaper, in fact a front page story in the Seattle PI, have done stories on the backlog of holiday shipping at UPS yet nothing has gotten them to shake loose the backlog. In fact I think it's even worse all my packages were scan "out for delivery" on Dec 29 and now one has been "dropped off at a UPS facility" and the other is still out with a new Jan 5 delivery date. How can a package be out for delivery since Dec 29?

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