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On Thursday, we got applied for a passport and it was sent by UPS overnight from NH to MA. While tracking it on Friday it said that the package was "mis-sorted" and would be delivered the next business day- which was Monday.

My daughter had travel plans on Sunday with a school group and couldn't miss her flight!

I spoke to a supervisor she said the package was in a container in NH and we couldn't go get it but and upgraded the package to "overnight air" which meant I would get it on Sat. morning. When I checked tracking on Sat morning the package had traveled to Kentucky and then Logan airport in Boston but delivery was unknown. I spoke to an special agent who said it was on it's way from Ashland and I should keep checking the on-line status.

As soon as I hung up, the delivery was changed to Monday. I called back and spoke to a supervisor who said she couldn't get through to Logan airport and would call me back within an hour. I didn't hear back from her. I called back and spent 55 minutes on hold waiting for a supervisor.

This person told me that the package was in Ashland, MA (the next town over from where I live) but she couldn't get in touch with anyone and the package would come Monday and that we weren't upgraded to Saturday delivery. I sent my husband over to check out the facility in Ashland but it was closed up tight. I asked for her supervisor who finally understood the importance of the situation. She said the package was enroute to Ashland and even though they were closed, they would send someone in to retrieve the package and I could go pick it up.

While I was waiting for the call back with the time, the package showed up at our house- 11:20 am. The most stressful 48 hours of my life.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

UPS Cons: Dealing with issues, Disinterest in my issue, Ups, Stress, Worry.

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So you complain on a website that ups got you your *** sat your house?