Ordered a package and waited three days from the date the seller dropped it off at the UPS Store for the package to be scanned as received. Then the estimated delivery date was Feb.

12, which is 11 days after my package was dropped off at UPS. I ask off work so that I can be home to sign for said, expensive package. Then I get an email saying item would be delivered on Feb. 6.

So I ask off Feb. 6 and cancel being off on Feb. 12. Then I get an email saying that there was an exception (with no explanation of what) so I log on and check the status and there isn't an exception listed but my delivery date changed to Feb.

7. So instead of asking for another day off I pay $5 to have the delivery address changed.. their system didn't recognize my credit card, yet they authorized four charges for the times it tried. When that finally got worked out I thought all was good.

Check the status later and it says that Address Change has been Requested and doesn't provide a delivery date and the package is still in the city it shipped from days ago. So I phone and ask when I can expect my package and am told that UPS Ground doesn't offer an estimated delivery day only a target of 5 business days but could be several days longer or shorter than that. I asked why my package wasn't moving and I was told that it was and that it was in Minnesota. I told the agent that it is still in the city it shipped from.

She disagrees and says that it is in transit and I had to explain that the city that shes telling me that my package is in IS a few miles away from the UPS Store it was dropped off at and therefore not really what I would consider in transit. I call and talk to a different person who tells me that by changing the delivery address that I added an additional day to the delivery and that my delivery date will be Feb. 8, tomorrow. When I asked how my package is going to get from Minnesota to Tennessee in less than 24 hours when it has taken 7 days to move from the UPS Store to the UPS distribution center a few miles away so could only assure me that she can't guarantee that my package will arrive tomorrow but it should be to the local UPS distribution center tomorrow..

but it may take a few business days depending on volume before my package will arrive.

I receive 10 or so packages a week and most arrive with no problem which is how the process should work. I'm not going to call and say "Good job.. my package arrived on time and everything is wonderful." I'm going to call and say "Why is my package sitting in one place for a week?" UPS needs to train their agents to actually help when there is a problem rather than giving me vague answers and telling me that there isn't a way for them to know when my package will be leaving or arriving. Isn't that the ENTIRE point of UPS?

Is no one capable of calling up the supervisor of the distribution center and saying "Find this guys package and put it on a truck already so he'll stop calling and emailing us"?

And, and this is what really gets me.. if I am going to have to talk to someone in India that is in need of English pronunciation lessons, they SHOULD NOT be giving me a geography lesson as to the semantics of the term "in transit" a package that has moved less than 10 miles in a week is NOT in transit thank you very much.

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