When i receive certain letters in the mail it is open. letters that appears to have check in them are placed in my mail box are open and some of my letters i'm not receiving at all.

I'm the only one that has the key and the only other person that has access to my mail is the postal carriers. I feet that this needs to be looked into.cconniecrawford@aol.com phone number 214-928-9798 Thank you connie crawford 1825 Park ROW #107DAllas Texas 75215 example i was to receive a refund check from direct tv and i was told by the company that the check was inthe mail when i received a letter from direct tv the letter was open inside my mail box the letter stated that payment wasenclosed and itwas not.

My brother social security card was coming to my address and guess what we never received it and it did not go back to

the person that sent it. I received a letter from the city of dallas to claim money and when i received the letter it was open in my mail box connie crawford

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