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I have never in my life felt as if me being a customer had no worth until i had ups ship me merchandise every time I have delivered from them it showed out for delivery like 6am to 8am but for some reason didnt receive my package until 9pm then I ordered another product and omg ups was the shipper so this time package came way earlier than expected it came at 11am on friday knowing people were at work and stated my apt # was wrong so they held and and said I can pick it up well i said I get off at 4 can come through then they told me no your package want be here until 730ish so come then wth!!!! First off you dont give a expected delivery timeframe neither do you ask whats a good time to deliver a package then I have to wait to get my package ups you got to do better i have requested email confirmation if problems arose with my delivery do you think I was got a email no I didnt very dissapointed wish we could choos the shipper cause ups would be the last one on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"MyChoice" look it up


Special ed doesn't buy you anything special in the real world, baby.


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You are an *** wrapped in a ***. First of all, tracking says out for delivery when the truck leaves the UPS facility, that doesn't mean it's being delivered at that time!

Second, you really think if they miss you that they should just come through again later when it's convenient for you?!?

Finally, the package wasn't available to be picked up till 7:30 because that's when the truck was back at the facility. So sorry that UPS can't cater to you and only you, but they have a schedule AND other customers!


You expect too much. UPS always just leaves the package if we are not at home, and will also put it in a plastic bag if the weather suggests it. You are not going to receive personalized service from any delivery company.