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every box i get from ups is smashed ,it looks like it was kicked around and a hilo stabbed it with its forks ,,all of them are that way now ,,who is running those places ? they must not care and think its funny to smash peoples things ! i had the last company make sure they put the product in a excelent box and when i got it ,smashed again ,so i know its out of ups and not the company i purchashed product from ,one day i asked for the local boss to see and he never showed .gr,mi

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Im having the same problem as subcom this is te second time

In two weeks this has happened first they lost my paycheck that gets delivered to us by them and I got it almost a week later then today I was supposed to get a package in the mail they said its on schedule for delivery and it still hasn't come and it most definitely won't today seeing it being acceptionallu late

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