Normally I get exceptional service from UPS. I know several very hardworking and dedicated UPS workers that take pride in their deliveries. Unfortunately, this most recent contact with UPS has caused a dark cloud over our previously satisfactory business-consumer relationship. I watched a UPS worker go to another location to deliver my package. FYI - I don't reside in an "honest" neighborhood, so that was my initial concern. Upon finally finding the correct building, he rang my doorbell. I was upstairs. By the time I could slide my house shoes on and get downstairs, he had already begun to knock on the neighbor's door. I was horrified. His response was, "There is no apartment number on the package." I could fly with that, but I happen to know that UPS and the company sending the shipment ask for contact information specifically for instances such as this. All those times you're asked for email address and contact number is supposed to prevent the UPS carrier from having to chance door to door in hopes of someone honestly redirecting to the correct location. And I'm almost certain the UPS carriers are taught these tricks in orientation.

Secondly, my package has been opened and replaced with tacky clear tape. The brown packing tape has been cut open and replaced with clear tape. I've included some photos of the condition of my package so you can discern the degree of professionalism for yourself and how carefully my package was handled. There's no hesitation about posting the photo because the address is incorrect, remember.

I'm uncertain why this was such a shoddy delivery, but just as I will continue to receive packages in the future with no guarantee who the shipper will choose as the carrier, I certainly would hope to not receive another package in such poor condition, especially having been opened before I receive it.

I won't know if the part was damaged until the repairman comes to attempt to use it, so I can't estimate if there are monetary damages at this time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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